Emigration to Australia

Emigration to Australia

Before 1900 there were the following categories of immigration to Australia

  • Convicts who were tried and convicted of crimes and sentenced to transportation to Australia.
  • Bounty immigrants who were selected by the colonists to come and work in Australia.The scheme was started in 1836 and individuals were sponsored by private individuals. Ships were chartered by an agent in the UK. On arrival in Australia applicants were interviewed by the Immigration board and if suitable a bounty was paid to the agent.
  • Government Assisted which was started in 1828. People could apply for all or part of their passage to be paid by the government. Applicants had to be suitable i.e. young healthy and eager to work. Originally scheme asked for fare to be repaid from salary. However, many refused so the Government converted it to a free scheme.
  • Paying passengers.

Below are some  Irish Cass names found in Australian immigration records.

New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896
Name DOB Residence Occupation Arrival Ship
Bridget Cass abt 1818 Thurles, Co Tipperary Farm Servant 8 Mar 1842 Woodbridge
Edmund Cass abt 1820 Thurles, Co Tipperary Farm Labourer 8 Mar 1842 Woodbridge
Mary Cass abt 1823 Littleton, Co Tipperary Farm Servant 16 Sept 1841 Gilbert Henderson
Catherine Cass abt 1843 Gowran, Co Kilkenny Domestic Servant 25 Jan 1865 Hornet

New South Wales, Australia, Immigration Deposit Journals, 1853-1900.Extract from journal showing name of sponsor. Cass mentioned as both sponsor and sponsored

Daniel Crough
Age: 40
Birth Year: abt 1813
Sponsor Name: Edward Cass
Deposit Date: 17 Sep 1853
Immigration Group:
Margaret Dulhunty
Dennis Dulhunty
Daniel Crough
Bridget Crough

Name: Catherine Casse
Age: 18
Birth Year: abt 1846
Place of Origin: Kilkenny, Ireland
Ship: Harnet
Sponsor Name: Martin Tervitt
Deposit Date: 18 Feb 1864

Name: Michael Melahan
Age: 26
Birth Year: abt 1856
Place of Origin: Clare, Ireland
Immigration Date: 19 Aug 1882
Ship: Orontes
Sponsor Name: Edward Cass
Deposit Date: 17 Jan 1882

The tickets of leave allowed prisoners to integrate into society. Among those granted a ticket of leave was Patrick Cass
Immigration Year: 1836
Ticket Date: 18 Jul 1841
Ticket Place: New South Wales, Australia
Origin: Queens County
Vessel: Earl Grey

Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839-1923
Name DOB Birth Place Occupation Date of arrival Port of Departure Port of arrival Ship
Patrick Cass abt 1819 Kilkenny Labourer 23 July 1841 Plymouth Port Phillip Bay George Fyfe
Wm Cass abt 1838 Ireland son of Catherine 6 May 1853 Liverpool Melbourne Prince Arthur
Catherine Cass abt 1818 Ireland Farmer 6 May 1853 Liverpool Melbourne Prince Arthur
Michl Cass abt 1823 Ireland Labourer 22 Dec 1858 Liverpool Melbourne Tasmania
Denis Cass abt 1827 Ireland Labourer 25 Nov 1860 Liverpool Melbourne Lord Raglan
Mary Cass abt 1837 Ireland Servant 29 Jan 1861 Liverpool Melbourne Shackamaxon
Catherine Cass abt 1841 Ireland Not stated 26 Feb 1863 Southampton Melbourne Stagenhoe
Francis Cass abt 1836 Ireland Labourer 26 Nov 1863 Liverpool Melbourne Great Victoria
Edmond Cass abt 1841 Ireland Not stated 30 Jul 1863 Liverpool Melbourne Star Of India
Julia Cass abt 1845 Ireland Domestic Servant 29 Dec 1865 Liverpool Melbourne Royal Standard
Richd Cass abt 1842 Ireland Clerk May 1869 Plymouth Melbourne Coldstream
John Cass abt 1852 Ireland Agricultural Labourer Jan 1871 Plymouth Melbourne Essex
Margt Cass abt 1852 Ireland Servant Oct 1871 Plymouth Melbourne Colonial Empire
Jas Cass abt 1859 Ireland Labourer 10 Aug 1878 Liverpool Melbourne East Craft